Monday, April 7, 2008

Back in the saddle again

I have regained most of my strength since the uncomfortable Saturday and pathetic Sunday I just experienced. I apparently had some kind of stomach bug, but thankfully the rest of the family seems to have escaped it. Woohoo! In any case, I didn't go anywhere or do much of anything for two whole days. Cary fed and entertained the children all day Sunday. I did manage to read my scriptures and a couple of blogs. One is a blog that I came across while visiting the blogger award nominations. (I figured if it was winning awards there just might be something worthwhile about it.) The author calls herself Pioneer Woman, and this is a link to her website. She lives on a working ranch. I think it is neat to read about ranching life through her site because she's a good writer and photographer, and has a fun sense of humor. Mostly I'm writing about this today because of this recipe she posted. If you're looking for things to inspire you to plant a garden this year, you may want to check it out. At least it looks really yummy to me! It also makes me want that harvest already, but I'm being patient. Another thing I read this week is that you shouldn't dig a garden when the soil is too wet or you could damage the structure of your soil. I'm glad I read that before I started digging.

Here are some random photos I took on Friday. I know they're terrible, but maybe the blurriness actually serves to show more accurately what is really happening to Cary, heh, heh.

The extra child belongs to Jordan and Celina. Daniel didn't take long to join in the fray!

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Richard said...

I checked out that recipe and what a riot! Not only does the salad look/sound heavenly, she is, as you said a very entertaining writer. Thanks for sharing.