Saturday, April 19, 2008


It's been almost a week since I've posted! It's been a busy week, but I guess that's pretty normal. The biggest difference between this week and those preceding has probably been the weather. It has been beautiful this week! It makes me want to spend time outdoors, and work on things away from the computer more. It rained today and it smells so nice! It has been wonderful to have the windows open and experience the fresh air all day long. I loved the feeling in the air today--that feeling that's always there on a day it's going to rain.

I have pictures to post, but I'm going to save that for another day. For now, I'll just share some good news. During lunch yesterday, Lana said the word "more" three times!!!

Now that you've picked yourself off the ground, I'll tell you what she asked for: Broccoli, noodles, and water. She has loved water for a long time, but the others are new. I normally give her very small portions of everything. This minimizes waste and avoids overwhelming her. She finished all of the noodles I gave her and asked for more. She loves broccoli! This is a food I couldn't give her much of because she would throw it up twelve hours or so later, undigested. She is on a new medication that seems to be helping her, so I let her go at it. We had tried the medication (Erythromycin) before, but she would throw up every time we gave it to her--obviously not worth it. Erythromycin is an antibiotic, but given in smaller doses just serves to irritate the stomach and cause it to empty faster. She is now, unfortunately, taking four different medications. I am supposed to dose her 6-7 times per day. We've tried cutting down or cutting out a few times, each time with detrimental effects, so we're sticking with all the meds for now and look forward to the day when she is free of all of them! She is still only consuming about 60 calories of solid food each day, but she is making progress.


Ash, Dev, and Hunter said...

Good job Lana. Poor little girl. I hope this medicine continues to work for her.

Lara said...

You know, no matter the circumstances, it is always exciting when a toddler would like more vegetables! :)

chelsea said...

broccoli and noodles? yea for lana!!!