Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lana Cuteness

DSC00401 DSC00404 DSC00402 L

Why are these pigtails so cute?  I just love Lana's chubby little baby cheeks!  She's a real sweetie (when she's not throwing a massive tantrum--we're still working on those).  She loves to hug and snuggle me.  She likes to have things her way, even when she's not quite sure what "her way" is.  She is happy to let her siblings have what they want for the most part.  She silently relinquishes toys and other items to them, but she is fiercely defensive of her blankies.  I have to be sneaky to wash them.  It's a good thing we have three of them!  When Everett was little he had one special blankie, and I actually cut it in half so that I could wash one half at a time.  Lana's blankies are the hospital blankets we brought the girls home in.  (Cary used to say those blankets had psychotic ducks on them.  Perhaps the "new parents of triplet girls and a little boy delirium" had something to do with his perception of those duckies.)  Lana is happy to play on her own or with her siblings.  It is really sweet to see her with other children.  Other little children are like her babies.  She may pat them and smile at them, but she'll almost always look at them and act like she's hugging something.  She is very social, and loves just about everybody!  She especially likes guys, and will ask most of them to pick her up.  (I know--we better watch her.)


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chelsea said...

I too was admiring the pig tails yesterday. I was also envious of your mad pigtail skills. i can't ever seem to get the part straight!