Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yard Sale Wagon: $5, Fun Times For Four: Priceless

Today was my CMOMs yard sale. A yard sale for multiple mothers of multiples = lots and lots of stuff, and more than 100 customers in the first hour. I worked there for four hours today while Cary watched the kids, and came home with some clothes for Everett and a few fun surprises. (I also got rid of our most obnoxious toys. *grin*) Since the weather was a bit on the chilly side and I didn't feel like getting everyone dressed up, we let them try the wagon out indoors today. They pushed and pulled for a while, and when they got tired of that, the girls decided that the handle made a great sliding board! Kids are so creative.

DSC00342 GMEL wagon DSC00343 Ev and Lana wagon DSC00348 MGL wagon

DSC00380 Maddie

(Maddie is in stripes, and Gwyn is in green.)  Here's one more of Maddie.  The girls' new favorite game when I pull out the camera is to rush over to me and try to push the flash closed.  Many shots end up with an arm over the face or very blurry!  Maddie is smiling because I'm holding her arm down and tickling her.


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Lara said...

Wow, I bet there would be a lot of great stuff at a mothers of multiples sale! Looks like the wagon was indeed a great buy!