Sunday, April 13, 2008

Unfinished Projects

The other day I was thinking about unfinished projects and how they can weigh a person down.  It seems like our den is a perpetual unfinished project because I can't get it clean, let alone keep it that way!  It is where we throw coats and shoes when we get home, and things we don't want the children to get their hands on (current projects, paperwork, etc).  In the basement I have a box full of quilt pieces that I will put together some day.  I have many ideas floating around: building a storage bench for our living room, painting our porch and all of the outdoor trim, cleaning the basement, organizing the children's clothing in the attic, building a cover for the outside entrance to the basement so that it will be safe for the children, etc.  Just thinking about it stresses me out sometimes.  Today in Relief Society (the women's meeting at church) the teacher asked how many of us procrastinate.  I put my hand up right away.  I need to get better at picking one project and doing it!   So that is one of my new goals.  Stop stressing about it, and DO IT.  Maybe someone could get me one of those "round tuits" for Mothers' Day...

Thinking of unfinished projects reminded me about a yellow vinyl hamper that sat in my parents' room when I was young.  It was where we put all of our clothing that needed to be mended.  It became an archeological dig of sorts.  If you went down through the layers of clothing you would experience sizes and styles that took you back through the years.  It was really kind of neat when we finally emptied it.  It brought back some happy memories since a lot of what ended up in there were favorites.  I have a mending box now too.  I packed it up when we moved from our old house and it is sitting on a shelf in our basement, untouched.  I guess mine's more of a time capsule.  But you know what?  I don't feel bad about that one at all.

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