Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day of Rest

It has been another busy week!  We've spent a lot of time working on our garden and yard.  Cary rented a sod kicker and cleared space for a garden.  (What I just wrote made it sound really easy, but it was hard work.)  I dug out what had been a brick path in the yard and removed all the bricks.  Cary removed the stump of a tree he took out last summer.  I removed two buried railroad ties.  We placed sod from the garden area in those three places.  So we've been dirty, sweaty, and sore, but hopefully we'll have a nice yard and yummy veggies for our efforts--and perhaps some muscles.  Unfortunately it looks like our garden spot is rather gravelly, so we'll have to get soil somewhere.  At least it will be easier next year!

Today was a nice day of rest for us.  After church I let the kids in the den to do this:

DSC00440 LEGM piano

I removed the bench because I knew it could only lead to disaster.  The kids also had a great time beating up on Grandpa.  He makes it so fun!  At one point we were dogpiling on people, and Everett said to Cary: "Lay down properly, Dada!"


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