Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Dream

We are sitting at the table. I set out the food. Lana looks at me and smiles. She starts to eat. She is putting bite after bite into her mouth, chewing it, swallowing it as though she has been doing it for months. She finishes a whole dish of food and laughs her gleeful little laugh with a glint in her eye, as if to say "Look Mama, I can do this. I was only joking!" Then she wants more.

This is my dream--a dream we have been working for for nearly two years now. Right now we are actually at another crisis. It is hard to say what brought it on. Probably a combination of a number of factors: teething, illness, brief change in medication - who knows? It breaks my heart every time, seeing months of progress and precious ounces or even a pound or more of weight going down the tubes. I am so glad that I have Cary to hold me up at times like these. But I have faith that one day my dream will be realized and that my sweet little girl will want to eat, and even like it.

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