Saturday, February 23, 2008

Everett and Testimony

My mom comes over most Fridays to spend some time with the kids, help with baths, etc. This past Friday she was headed to visit Celina and the kids afterwards, and we decided that Everett could go with her. He was SO EXCITED!!!

It had been alternating between rain and sleet most of the day, and the skies were clear when they left, but not the roads. As the temperature dropped, the roads became really icy. At one point, mom pressed the brake and nothing happened. She prayed out loud that Heavenly Father would help her to be able to stop the car. They were able to stop and get the car off the road. Everett then prayed out loud: "Heavenly Father, I love you! Thank you for helping us." Mom decided to sit and wait until the roads were salted. Almost immediately afterwards, another vehicle passed them and crashed. Emergency crews arrived on the scene, including police, ambulance, tow truck, and a fire truck to block off the road.

Mom called Celina to tell her what had happened. They weren't very far away, so Celina was considering coming to get them. As she was sitting in her driveway praying as to whether or not she should venture out, a truck spun out of control on her street, and crashed into her neighbor's fence! (She said she really didn't need the answer to be that dramatic.)

They never made it to Uncle Jordan and Aunt Celina's house, so Everett was a little disappointed, but he got to be with his Grandma and made it home safely. He's such a sweetheart. I was thinking about him when he was away and realized what a good little helper he has become, and how he animates our house! (The animation isn't always positive, but is mostly a good kind.) He gets his sisters involved in lots of fun activities. He does a great job cleaning up the toys, and gets the girls down out of their booster seats for me 3-4 times a day. He will help with almost anything without complaint.

It is especially sweet to see how his testimony is growing.

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