Thursday, February 7, 2008

When Angels Come to Stay

As I was mopping the floors today, I was thinking about the ways that motherhood has changed me (starting with my more efficient, and in part previously unnecessary cleaning methods). I decided to add these thoughts to the list of questions I already answered on motherhood.

Motherhood softened me. When I met Cary, my entire wardrobe consisted primarily of four colors: blue, black, khaki, and white. I added some green after that, but when Everett was born--prepare yourselves-- I bought a pink dress *gasp*. But the change went a lot deeper than that. Somehow it was not just okay to be soft: it felt good and right. I guess it felt like a quiet power.

I now mop walls, fridge, stove, dishwasher, and just about the whole bathroom every time I mop!

Being a mother has brought unconditional love to my heart. Even before the tiny beings are born, you love them. When they come and fill your life with messy diapers, lack of sleep, worry, and strain, you love them even more and feel joy in your stress. I feel like I began to have a better understanding of how our Heavenly Father loves us after I became a mother.

Now that it's gone, I recognize that I used to have a lot of time!

I eat more chocolate. (During particularly stressful days I have actually called Cary and asked him to stop for chocolate on his way home. He, being the wonderful husband that he is, actually gets it for me.)

I stay up later in a futile and exhausting attempt to add more hours to the day.

Everything in my house is now either locked, or placed at least three feet off the ground.

I have memorized a lot of Baby Einstein, Veggie Tales, and Disney movies.

To four small children, I am one of the most important and wonderful people in the world.

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Richard said...

Just Beautiful! You are truly a wonderful mother; an inspiration to all us other moms!
Love, Bethany