Friday, February 22, 2008

Random Snapshots

Ahhh...toy rotation! I should start doing this regularly, maybe even daily! We had a sweet, happy, peaceful morning together today. This is our playroom. The kids from left to right are Lana, Gwyn, Everett, and Maddie. In case you're wondering, Maddie's outfit was chosen by her father.

Everett and Gwyn were good buddies. They were crawling
around the house in two lavender tubs, playing ball, etc.

Lana was really cute and she ate spaghetti with alfredo sauce!

Lana's hair is long enough now that I have to put it up every day to keep it out of
her face. When I'm fixing it, Maddie always wants me to do hers too. All I can
manage for Maddie is a tiny little ponytail right on top of her head.

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