Monday, February 25, 2008

Good News

My dad had another scan last week in order to determine whether or not the spots in his lungs had any growth. I am happy to say that at his meeting with the doctor today he was told that there was no growth. We try to be prepared for the worst at these times, so it was nice to have a good report. He will have another scan in three months. The cancer that he has is slow growing until all-of-a-sudden it just goes crazy, so they are keeping close tabs on it.

In the past when I heard of others who had cancer, I never knew what to say or do for them. I didn't understand what they were dealing with, and just how horrible it is. Since they often have great difficulty eating during treatment, food may not be the best thing to help with (though I'm sure anything would be appreciated). I think that moral support and encouragement can help more than just about anything else in many cases. Let them know that you care. Help with housework and yardwork could be a great support at times too. ___________________________________________________________________

I am out of banana chips and chocolate, and I am sheepish to admit that this was my main motivation for making cookies today. I also knew that Everett would love it. He had a lot of fun. (Note the peanut butter goatee.) Don't ask me how many I ate. I'm still working on that self-control issue!

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