Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More of "What happens when you come to our house"

The following pictures were all taken in the last few days. Warning to visitors: It is recommended that you remain in an upright position, or this could happen to you.

Grandma is under there somewhere!

Our girls recruited the president of our Pittsburgh area church
congregations and his wife (who is their nursery leader) to be horsies.

Dogpile on Dada!

Often when Cary and I hug, we end up with a little person or two between us. Everett thinks it's really sweet when we hug. Yesterday he said "When I am big and I get married I will kiss someone on the lips." At what age does this actually turn into a gross-out for kids? The children also love it when we pick them up and Cary and I each kiss a cheek simultaneously.

Everett is really starting to think about his prayers, and the girls are learning to pray. At first, we would have them repeat what we said, but now they are starting to come up with some things on their own. It is so cute!!! I should really record it sometime. I love hearing their little voices say things like "bless" and "flam-il-ee". Lana sometimes says "Amen" before the prayer is over. They are also learning a lot of songs. Here are some of their favorites:

I Am a Child of God

Popcorn Popping

Once There was a Snowman

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam

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