Monday, March 17, 2008

Foiled! (this time)

I decided to stop messing with the "put Lana in her pack 'n' play so that she can remove her clothing, climb out, and run amok" thing and put her in her crib. I wasn't sure how it would go with all three girls in the same room. There was a lot of carrying-on at first, but Maddie and Gwyn slept while Lana bounced around, then Lana must have fallen asleep shortly before they woke up. Thankfully, I was able to collect the other two girls without waking her. We'll see how tomorrow goes!

Two things I love to look at: sleeping children, and cute little toes!


HappyStretchedThin said...

Hmm...A post on stinky feet, multiple pictures of feet, and now an admission that you like to see feet...This is turning into a bit of a foot fetish, don't you think?

Ash, Dev, and Hunter said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love meeting new people on blogger. Most of the people on my blog are LDS Moms. Do you live in Utah? We do so we are surrounded by lots of LDS people which is really nice.
I love your blog! Your kids are all beautiful! Four children must keep you busy, yet you still have this darling blog! You must really be super mom. I am going to add you to my blog roll ( i hope that is okay?). Your blog is just so stinken cute!