Sunday, March 30, 2008


The blog has been sadly neglected this week. Thank you, Cary, for your post! It's amazing how one stamping party can take up all of my free time in the evenings. (In my "free time" I sell stamping and scrapbooking products for a company called Close To My Heart.) I thought I'd share what we made at the party.

The first card is all stamping. (Each leaf and flower was made using two separate stamps.) I love the clear stamps for stuff like this.

Thank You card

For the second card we used a technique called "chalk popping". We used a tinted embossing pad to stamp the flowers and butterfly, then rubbed chalk on the stamped images to add the color. The chalk sticks to the ink to make the color "pop".

Hello card

For the last card we created our own background paper using a sponge and ink. We added some beads and waxy flax as accents.

Thinking of You card

It was a lot of fun! I enjoy doing this creative stuff, but don't usually make time for it.

(All images copyright CTMH Co.)

And here are some little stampers:

DSC00270 little stamper DSC00272 Ev stamping

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