Wednesday, March 5, 2008

House Explosion

Unfortunately, my post title does not refer to a big mess in my house. Today, just around the corner from my brother Jordan's home, a house exploded. I looked it up on our local news station's website, and found that this had happened to about eight other homes in our area between August and November of last year. This particular explosion damaged about 15 of the surrounding houses, including superficial damage to Jordan's house. The cause has not yet been determined. I know these things don't happen very often, but it's still scary.

Here is a link to the news article.


Richard said...

WHAT?! Richard and I watched the news link but I still cannot understand. Do they have any idea what caused it? And you said THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE?!!! Insane. Totally, insane.

supermommandy said...

They determined that it was caused by a broken gas line. No one had reported smelling gas at all before the explosion. At our last house, every now and then the pilot would blow out on the stove, and I could really smell the gas at those times. Some people probably can't smell it that well.