Friday, March 21, 2008

Quacked Goose and Naptime Disaster

Sorry for the cheesy title. The children were getting a bit out-of-control before dinner today, so I decided to teach them how to play "Duck, Duck, Goose". It was really cute. After a while, Gwyn stood up every time and followed the goose around "ducking" people. Lana was wandering around the whole time. We finally got her to "duck" a few people, but when she got to Everett he leaned away. She kind of landed on his face and proceeded to squeeze his nose repeatedly. Fortunately, he was amused. The chase area became larger and larger. We all had fun. Maddie mostly sat in the circle and held her buckets. (See the previous post.)

As for naptime... The first few days of Lana being in the girls' room for naps went fairly well. They all at least got some sleep. Well, yesterday was another story. I heard them for about two hours. Finally I went upstairs and discovered that Lana had taught Gwyn a new trick. They were both standing in their cribs naked over a puddle. Maddie had apparently slept through that part of the shenanigans. Sooooo I separated the girls again today, but I think Lana had already made an impact (hopefully temporary) on naptime. Today I heard some jumping in the formerly calm girls' room. Ah, the adventures of supertwindom...

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