Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Tooth Ritual

Cary has come up with a really neat way to brush the kids' teeth each night. When it's time for bed, everyone troops upstairs into the girls' room. Cary gets the brushes loaded up with toothpaste, and all the girls lay down on the floor. He brushes their teeth, one child at a time, and they get to hold onto their brushes (a little practice--or chewing on the brush) until everyone is done. Then they all go into the bathroom and rinse and tap their brushes. It is all calm and happy, which we love! At first they didn't want to give up the toothbrushes, but now they know the system and have fun with it.

These pictures aren't at night, but they're at least related:

Little Thug?

And here's a Maddie cute for the day:

She was roaring to scare me. "Saur." roaaarrr "Dragon." roaaarrr "Lion." roaaarrrrr

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