Sunday, March 16, 2008


Today was a really good day. We went to church, as usual. (Maddie is having an explosion in linguistic development. This morning she said "Going church." She has followed that with a bunch of other two- or three-word thoughts.) I taught the women's class today, and then we went to choir practice. Someone watched the children for us this time, so Cary and I were both able to attend the last rehearsal. I really enjoyed it!

Several people remarked how Everett looks older. It's definitely the hair:

My mom and dad brought cinnamon rolls after dinner, and we had a nice visit, then after the kids were in bed I worked on my other blog. (Sorry it's not public. It's just where Cary and I record our thoughts from our scripture study.) It was a pleasant, relaxing day--oh yeah: I took a nap on the couch which was periodically interrupted by children climbing on my head. For some reason, I can only sleep downstairs during the day, so even with the jungle-gym treatment that's where I take my occasional naps!

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chelsea said...

I love the hair cut, he looks so cute. Thanks for feeding Rog some taco soup, he said it was fabulous. Can I have the recipe?