Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good News

Cary has been a graduate student at Pitt since the fall of 2000, and this is his last year of university funding. He applied for two fellowships for the next school year, either of which, if awarded, would provide funding for one more year without teaching and coursework requirements attached. We were informed earlier this month that he was an "alternate" for one of the fellowhips and would not receive the other. That sent Cary into a bit of a scramble to look for work.

Well--drumroll, please--we received another letter yesterday which informed us that he is no longer an alternate! He will be awarded one of the fellowships and will be able to focus completely on his dissertation instead of trying to write it while working at another job. Woohoo!!! (That's exactly what I said when we read the letter, along with a big sigh of relief.) We feel very blessed.

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