Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Normal Craziness

DSC00296 Gwyn's babyYou know how we have to tape Lana's diapers on?  Well today Gwyn brought me her baby doll and some packing tape, and wanted me to tape her baby. Maddie has also asked me to tape her diaper.  I guess they think Lana is getting special treatment!

The girls had a lot of fun trying on their new swimsuits this week.  At one point, I left the bag on the floor for two minutes while I put away some groceries.  Gwyn ended up wearing her suit on top of her clothes, and Maddie underneath her clothes.  We're looking forward to using them at the Snoopy pool this summer!

And disasters are always fun to hear about, right?  Today Lana climbed out of her pack 'n' play at least eight times before she finally fell asleep (on the floor).  Before falling asleep, she removed the vent cover, put it down into the ductwork, and then proceeded to put anything that was loose on the floor or in Everett's dirty basket and small enough to fit down in there too.  I believe the final contents of that duct were a pair of underwear, pajama shorts, a plastic cup, torn-off pieces of the room-darkening shade, a sock, and a Lego man.

Yes, I know we need to get her in a crib for naps, and yes, we need to fix that vent cover!  It has already been used to create disaster. At least it was easier to take the ductwork apart this time!  Rest assured, securing that vent will be one of my first projects tomorrow!