Friday, March 7, 2008

Husband Tag

Looks like there's a new tag going around! If you are reading this and you feel like you want to play than go right ahead and consider yourself tagged!

What is your husband's name?
Cary Campbell
How long have you been married?
almost 9 years
How long did you date?
We met August 1998, started dating exclusively that November, were engaged January 1999, and married June 4, 1999. (I guess that would be about nine months of dating.)
How old his he?
Who eats more?
That’s hard to say because he skips meals. He eats more at one sitting.
Who said I love you first?
He did, but I was ready to say it right back. I was so happy that I cried.
Who is taller?
He is.
Who can sing better?
He can, but we both love to sing. Here's a picture of him singing to me at our wedding reception:

Who is smarter?
Hmmm… That’s a toughie. We each have our areas of strength. He uses his book-learned smarts more. I'm into the ABCs right now. ;)
Who does the laundry?

I do, but he did the washing part for a while before and after the births of our children.
Who pays the bills?

I do, for the most part. I used to love paying bills, but now they're mostly automatic. (Bills seemed so mundane and unecessary after the girls were born. "Do we really have to do this? Taking care of crying babies is so much more important!")
Who mows the lawn?

He does. I help with the trimming every now and then.
Who cooks dinner?

I do, but he is master of the grill.
Who drives?

He does. Even on our 4000 mile trip to Canada I only drove for a few hours.
Who is more stubborn?

HAH! We are both the oldest child in our families. I think I might still be able to say that he’s more stubborn, but it’s a really close call. I guess our kids are doomed.
Who kissed who first?

He asked me if he could kiss me, then we kissed.
Who asked who out first?

He asked. (He forgot my name on our first date.) This is a picture of us dressed up for Homecoming of 1998. When my dad saw this picture, he said that Cary was practicing.

Who proposed?
He did. He was really creative about it too. He enlisted the help of our good friends and his family members to deliver a dozen roses one at a time with bags of scrabble pieces attached to them. I had to unscramble the pieces to find the proposal, then he got down on one knee and asked me.

Who is more sensitive?
I am.
Who has more siblings?
He does. He’s one of eight and I’m one of four.
Who wears the pants?
I try not to stick my leg in too much, but we do share the pants.

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