Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring is in the air (at least for one day).

There is still snow on the ground, but it was over 60 degrees today! (That's in American, not Canadian, eh.) It made me want to clean! I worked on the porch while the girls were napping so that it would be ready for playtime. Cary decided we'd have an early family home evening and we all walked up the hill to the playground at the elementary school.

You know those leash-like things for kids? Before I had children I thought I would never use one of those. Well, we now own three of them. After the girls were born we bought one for Everett. I had visions of being out with the children and Everett running off while I was stuck with the girls. Today we put one on each of the girls and were out "walking the kids". I'm still a little embarrassed about it sometimes, but the kids are so darn cute that it really just adds to the cuteness.

We all loved our walk, and all got wet. Lana was thrilled about everything--a leaf, a stick, a pinecone, etc. Here's an "after" picture:

Everett, Cary, Gwyn, Lana, Maddie


cworth said...

I was daunted by all the water today. I feel bad I didn't take better advantage of the good weather. I just hate hearing kids complain about wet pants from the slide! I was home with sick Ashby yesterday... not so fun!

supermommandy said...

Yeah, my kids are too young yet to care about getting wet. Thankfully, we prevented any major puddle-jumping episodes!