Tuesday, March 18, 2008

100 things about me.

1. I like chocolate (too much). I eat it when I’m stressed or frustrated.
2. My first name is Edith, after my Great-grandmother.
3. I love to have things really organized.
4. Being a good mom takes precedence over perfect order.
5. I am a perfectionist, but I’m getting over it.
6. Green is my favorite color.
7. I love to hike and take walks.
8. I love camping, as long as there is a bathroom nearby!
9. I haven’t been able to hike or camp very much since having kids.
10. I enjoy playing my flute, especially when it actually sounds good.
11. I wish I could keep up with it better.
12. I like to eat just about any food that I don’t cook.
13. I used to LOVE making (& eating) desserts, but now it affects my waistline too much!
14. My favorite is a good New York cheesecake. Yum!
15. I feel like bringing my children into the world and being a mom are the greatest things I’ve ever done.
16. I really don’t like “exercising”.
17. I like canoeing and rollerblading, and dancing as long as no one outside my family is watching!
18. I think sunbathing is a ridiculous waste of time, but perhaps this has something to do with my fair skin.
19. I’m not a big fan of pink.
20. I would rather people be honest than try not to hurt my feelings.
21. I don’t offend easily.
22. I enjoy gardening.
23. I have a hard time not pulling weeds when I’m outside in the summer.
24. I have a really hard time finding music that I like. (I want music that really makes me want to dance without junky lyrics.)
25. I lived in Utah for three years without going skiing once. The whole idea seems kind of scary and cold.
26. I love mountains and trees, and living near family. I wish there was a place that had all three things!
27. I get headaches from perfumey stuff (including candles) and cigarette smoke.
28. It annoys me when people wear strong perfume or cologne.
29. I love swiss chard from the garden! And broccoli. Ooh—and fresh tomatoes cut up with a little bit of salt on them, and corn on the cob! These are some of the things I love about summer.
30. And real mashed potatoes. Mmmm. They’re one of my comfort foods.
31. I hate celery.
32. I wanted to be an English teacher.
33. Or a book editor.
34. I have a BA in English and a minor in music.
35. I used to jump down flights of stairs—all the time.
36. I don’t like being in the spotlight...yet I am publishing this post.
37. I love our extended family, and wish we weren’t so spread out.
38. Beautiful singing makes me cry.
39. So does beauty in nature (when viewed in a peaceful setting).
40. I love the feeling in the air just before a thunderstorm.
41. Fall is my favorite season.
42. I enjoy playing the piano—especially when I don’t have to.
43. I hate scheduling doctor’s appointments. I have no idea why.
44. I have never dyed my hair. I once bought a temporary dye and didn’t have the heart to use it.
45. I never had pierced ears.
46. I used to take out aggression on my marimba (and sometimes the piano).
47. I wouldn’t want to do college again, but I’d like to take a few courses one at a time so that I could really enjoy them.
48. Immodest clothing really bothers me.
49. And little girl clothing that looks like miniature women’s clothing.
50. I like cats. When we were waiting for kids, we got a kitten.
51. I like it when Cary cleans the toilets—my most detested chore.
52. I miss Jamba Juice (really good smoothies out West).
53. I used to be really shy. I think church callings and going to France cured me of that.
54. I can speak French because I lived in France for 10 months. (I also took 5 years of courses, but that only gets you so far.)
55. I thought I would marry someone tall, with dark hair.
56. I’m glad I married Cary!
57. I like making stuff. I know that’s not very descriptive. I enjoy scrapbooking, building things with wood, sewing, painting, etc.
58. I like it when things are CLEAN and undamaged.
59. I like having kids (and a husband) even better.
60. When Cary is late, I worry, and weird scenarios play through my mind.
61. I’m very attached to my pillow.
62. I really like crêpes with Nutella and banana.
63. I wish there were more things made for more than two children (wagons, strollers, bike trailers, etc.). Maybe I’ll have to make something…
64. I wish I had more time with Cary.
65. I’m glad he’s so supportive of me.
66. I didn’t wear makeup until my senior year of high school.
67. I’m not the most tactful person in the world, though I try.
68. Turtlenecks and watches bug me (when I wear them).
69. I don’t carry a purse—I would just leave it everywhere!
70. I think I’m becoming a patient person.
71. I love having a schedule.
72. I love having sunshine in my house.
73. I really admire something about each of my family members.
74. My parents have dinner with us almost every Sunday.
75. I feel like I’m starting to understand people better. I can get along with most people.
76. A lot of my friends are senior citizens. (They love the kids!)
77. I like reading blogs.
78. I generally prefer literature to modern novels.
79. I love date night!
80. I enjoy going out with my club once a month.
81. I miss my kids when they’re gone, which is rare.
82. I like to walk fast.
83. I’m not a big fan of soda. (Just ask Cary about that one.)
84. I like water and watered-down juice.
85. I miss cute carpenter jeans and the other styles from a few years back. (I know I’m a geek.) I am frustrated with the current “ultra low-rise show your belly and waist flab” jeans.
86. I sometimes wish that I didn’t grow up so much.
87. I miss western sunsets on the mountain.
88. I love green grass that you don’t have to water!
89. I enjoy photography, but don’t really know how to use my digital camera.
90. I miss being able to go to the temple regularly.
91. I enjoy teaching. I used to teach flute lessons, and I love teaching my children.
92. I don’t like to wear dresses or skirts at home. I change as soon as I get home.
93. I wear slippers all winter and go barefoot or wear sandals all summer.
94. I wear sneakers when I’m feeling low on energy.
95. I LOVE my little family.
96. I hated lectures growing up, but I think I’m prone to lecture! I better watch it.
97. I’m very stubborn. (Especially when I know I’m right.)
98. I’m getting better at being a peacemaker.
99. I’m generally pretty positive and upbeat.
100. I am happy with my life.

Apparently I like to hold kids on my right side!


chelsea said...

I learned so many fun things about you. Thanks for the fun post!

Greg said...

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HappyStretchedThin said...

1. She does like chocolate a lot. But don't let her snowball you: it's not JUST when she's stressed or frustrated...
2. From the Old English for "rich" or "blessed" "gift"
3. But I am her favorite source of disorder.
4. I'll vouch for that.
5. Not a perfectionist, a performer. She just likes to have all the kinks practiced out in private. And her public performances are almost always completely flawless.
6. And pink is her least favorite, unless her girls are wearing it
7. Yes, except up mountainous trails with a sharp drop-off to one side.
8. And shower
9. Me neither, funny thing...
10. Your flute is one of the two most beautifuul sounds I know, even when you think you're playing poorly. (The other is your rich, expansive contralto voice)
11. Me too
12. I can vouch for that
13. Why let a little waistline get in the way of something you love, I always say
14. My favorite is your cheesecake
15. They are, and they prove it every day
16. But you get lots of exercise, nevertheless
17. But you look so cuuuttee...
18. Me too, and you look beautiful tan or no tan.
19. You mean I got one right? Is there a prize?
20. Yup. And you prefer agreement, but will settle for clarity where that fails.
21. I know. I test you often. (Just in a kidding way, now, don't go assuming things)
22. I'm glad for the beauty and fruitfulness you bring to our exterior
23. She even pulled me once by mistake
24. You and I both. I can't just ignore lyrics ever.
25. I lived there 4 years, and only went once. It's fun unless you're acrophobic and have no balance.
26. Me too.
27. I'm glad you stay away from both--I like you just the way you smell.
28. I just lift my soft palate and effectively plug my nose.
29. It's actually quite funny to see how giddy she gets about the first culling of tomatoes each year.
30. With hefty chunks and lots of butter and milk.
31. I can't figure that one out.
32. You are an English teacher. And if Everett's vocabulary is any indication, you're a darn good one.
33. Well, a blog editor is a step in the right direction.
34. And a MFA in Maddie, Gwyn, Lana, Everett, and ME.
35. It was the spunkiest thing I've seen an otherwise totally girly-girl like you do--a major draw during our dating months.
36. Maybe so, but you shine beautifully in it.
37. I feel ya.
38. And terrible singing makes you wince.
39. And beauty in your family.
40. And you're a pyromaniac enough to like the lightning show itself.
41. To look at: you don't go out much in the rain or cold.
42. We enjoy it too.
43. Could it be that they're extras added to your already full plate?
44. And no one thinks you're missing anything by not having used it. Your hair is glorious as is.
45. Who needs another hole in the head anyway?
46. Now guess who'se the target?
47. You love to learn, but usually only on your own terms.
48. On other people of course--it's never found on you.
49. Miniature immodest women's clothing, that is.
50. "I like cats. I like to eat 'em." Name the Disney movie.
51. Hmm...back half of the hundred and the first mention of me is associated with the dumper...I'm taking a little hint...
52. Me too. Orange Julius just doesn't cut it.
53. Mandy got lots of looks 8 months + pregnant in the Paris subways. Random people would often come up to her and just say, "courage."
54. Nothing against our American friends in Paris, but most had been there longer, and few had developed the linguistic skills Mandy did. She did what it took, and came out bilingual. What a "richesse". I'm very proud of her for that. It wasn't easy going along with me, having our first child so far from family in a land where few could understand your language of deep emotional expression
55. And look what you got!
56. Me too!
57. Mandy says stuff, and weird to avoid describing things sometimes even though her descriptive powers have a vast vocabulary to draw from.
58. But you can either have kids, or nice stuff, never both.
59. I should have read this one before commenting on the last one.
60. See what I mean about the word weird in Mandy-speak?
61. Both. Ever since her first pregnancy, she's found a between the knees pillow indispensable for sleep.
62. I prefer mozza or swiss with ham.
63. Maybe triplets are fairly rare, but multiple young children are NOT that uncommon. You'd think there'd be a market for that kind fo thing.
64. Me too.
65. I'm glad to be, but the support for me on your part is even greater, I think you'll agree.
66. And even then, your beauty requires none, and your chosen style is elegant with only minimal usage.
67. I disagree: you are quite diplomatic in general, and boldly blunt when appropriate.
68. Mandy's an almost zero-jewelry person. No less classy, and easier on the family pocketbook.
69. But she does carry a diaper bag almost everywhere. (actually she makes me wear it more often than not)
70. I can vouch for that trend.
71. It's a survival skill when you have triplets--otherwise you don't eat or sleep.
72. And we love our manifold windows.
73. What's not to love?
74. No one could dream of better in-laws.
75. Mandy has one enemy in the world, and that's herself. And even then, it's only a part-time and rare enemy.
76. They're all in awe of Mandy, especially her calm collectedness in the face of potential triplet +1 chaos.
77. Just the cool ones, though. Which is why she hasn't read over half of the posts I made on my own blog.
78. She's probably read more than I have this past semester.
79. Me too!
80. That's a MOMs club (Mothers of Multiples). A great group of ladies.
81. Gone, like for a few minutes sometimes.
82. She's a woman who knows where she's going and how to get there.
83. I almost crack up every time I see her full-body shudder at the slightest hint of carbonization, as if it were the strongest whisky.
84. And she dislikes milk except in cereal.
85. Mandy's waist flab (she made it the topic of conversation, not me) is negligible. What is there is understandable given triplets
86. I think you're done growing now, Mandy. No worries.
87. There's a certain time of night where the angle of the sun highlights the cliff in a golden hew that's just breath-taking
88. Or mow. That's one of my jobs (drat!).
89. You mean all the obscure functions? So what? You work magic with what you do know how to use.
90. Me too.
91. They love to be taught too. Especially by you.
92. Can I make another comment about how beautiful you are in no matter what clothing?
93. Our hardwood floors are more fun that way.
94. Yes, the Energizer Nikes
95. This blog makes that fact quite obvious, don't you think?
96. Did you imagine who she might have been lecturing? (hint: the 4 children are still incapable of reasoning)
97. Oh, I'll vouch for that one too.
98. She gets a lot of exercise at that.
99. She is my sunshine.
100. I'm happy with you!

trisha329 said...

i don't think i ever realized how similar we are!